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Carpe VM is a Video Marketing company located in New York City. We create video for all of your promotional, instructional and advertising needs. We provide boutique style creative services at a value focused price point. It is this formula that has entrepreneurs and growing businesses like yourselves come to us to take their message world-wide and “Say It With Video”. Our team has over 50 years of combined advertising and marketing experience with business small and large. With our ever expanding video marketing capabilities CarpeVM is positioned to help you and your small business “Seize Your Market.” Carpe VM - SEIZE YOUR MARKET. SAY IT WITH VIDEO


Carpe VM Reel

Posted on 07.20.10

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BNI Visitors Day

Business Network International, holding a semi-annual Visitor's Day. [watch video]

Client Testimonial For Services

Impress upon your audience the power of your testimonials with the authenticity of Video! [watch video]

Your Art Is Your Brand

Sacral Adornment is a fine handmade jewelry design house that was looking to elevate their brand beyond the exclusive circle of friends and family that had become regular customers. Craft fairs and consignment resellers would do for the early stages of this business but it would take a more sophisticated marketing effort to reach a wider audience. Carpe VM animated the Sacral Adornment catalog of still product shots and added some short video segments to create a fashion forward messaged video. The video serves many functions as it is viewable on the branded website and company held mobile devices. An alternate video was also created for retail video installations. This version mutes the voiced narration and increased the score track. [watch video]

DOB Alerts Is “On The Job”

DOB Alerts is a great new service that let's developers and their colleagues stay on top of issues reported to the New York City Department of Buildings by sending alerts to their cell phones. Like so many businesses run online their potential customers had some pretty basic questions, questions that the owner had to answer over and over again on the phone. Though these questions were appropriate at the very beginning of this sales cycle they were taking time and stretching human resources. DOB Alerts was in search of a way the people coming to his website could be both introduced to their service and given the basic outline to the way it works. Carpe VM created an animated video with fun characters that demonstrated in a clear and entertaining way how DOB Alerts does what it does. These characters also serve as very strong branding devices. Whenever someone sees "MIke The Foreman" or "Inez The Property Owner" (6 characters in all) they can associate any of these happy and interesting characters with DOB Alerts. This cartoon style of animation has a great effect because it can deliver important concepts in an illustrative and simplified way. 6.1.12 [watch video]