Did you know...

Adding video to email marketing boosts customers’ interaction by as much as 200-300% (Ogilvy Consulting)

Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results (Forrester Research)

Brands using online video have seen lifts of anywhere from 20-40% in terms of incremental buying with online video and rich media over other ad forms (Comscore)

Americans’ appetite for Web video continues to soar, nearly doubling since 2006, according to a report released by Pew Internet research in July.

Its not just the teenagers who are responding to online video...

Seniors viewing videos online: according to Pew that although internet viewing is not the norm among seniors, the 50+ segment of online video viewers continues to grow. In fact, among users ages 50-64, viewership is up 34% from just last year with 41% of this age group now saying they watch video on sites such as YouTube. In 2009, 27% of seniors 65+ now watch videos online, as compared to just 19% last year.

Stand out from the other listings in Online Directories

Per yellowpages.com, consumers are using online video ads to help make purchasing decisions:

  • 80% of web users have seen an online video ad
  • 52% took action after viewing the ad
  • 31% visited the advertisers website
  • 22% searched for info about the product
  • 15% visited the store to check out the product
  • 12% made a purchase
  • 16% talked to friends/family about the product
  • 9% forwared the video ad to friends/family
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