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Fire Fighting Video for Recruitment, Apparatus & Training

Fire fighting is a calling like no other. The equipment must have the full faith of the men and women that use it. The training often means the difference between life and death and the fire fighters themselves are the very definition of Heroes.

It isn’t always easy to communicate the critical benefits of a particular piece of firefighting apparatus. It can be equally challenging to convey the urgency of a fully absorbed set of life saving skills. Finally we have become aware of the chilling trend of waning recruitment among the people who choose to commit to this noble profession. We at Carpe VM seek to exhibit the newest technology, instruct in the most effective techniques and honor these special and diverse people with the most powerful communication tool available today. We are talking about Video for Fire Fighting Recruitment, Apparatus & Training And we are uniquely placed as the best team to tell these stories. Indeed, who better to communicate the importance of durable apparatus, skilled experience and commitment to fighting fires big and small than a firefighter. Meet our main “shooter”, Certified Interior Firefighter - Sean Claffey (Bio LINK). Sean has been heeding the firefighters call for several years, all the while  developing an award winning career as a cinematographer and director. Sean has seen fully involved fires up close and from the inside. He is one of the brave few that threw on the bunker gear and hopped on a truck to go fight fires as a volunteer at the Ocean Bay Park Fire Department on Long Island. Sean is who would be shooting and directing those videos demonstrating your fire fighting devices, training your men and women in their life saving work and importantly driving recruitment and retention of the fire fighters themselves.

Carpe VM is inviting firefighting programs, apparatus manufacturers and department leaders from municipalities across the country to find out how their message could be made more effective, powerful and motivating through professional video production. We can create your video message whether it be to feature the latest in breathing apparatus, developments for fire fighting in new constructions and/or putting out the call to the next generation of paid and volunteer fire fighting forces. Carpe VM has also developed programs that leverage the latest technology in broadcasting strategy and social media marketing. Said another way, we can maximize results by reaching the audience you need to reach. Please connect with us for a no-cost consultation on the power and reach of professionally produced video to promote your fire fighting mission whatever it may be.

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