If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, Video Tells The Whole Story

It is no secret how fast technology is growing. Once broadcast television entered our homes the video genie was never to return to it’s movie house bottle. Now video is popping up in some fairly unlikely places, such as ATMs, taxis, mass transit signage and of course on our tiny cellphone screens. And it’s no wonder (well a small wonder at least) that we are all so moved by a moving image. It has been said that the majority of human communication is nonverbal.

So while we might be hearing the words we want to hear, if we observe them coming from a source we fear or are uncomfortable with the message is most often lost. The same goes for a complex set of ideas or even an unfamiliar concept. Video, with its motion and sound goes furthest in saying more with less. The “less” being time. When you hear the phrase “A picture says a thousand words” you can easily see that setting that picture in motion has an exponential effect. An effect that uses our uncanny ability to process all of that verbal and nonverbal information instantaneously. It is this effect that Carpe VM has mastered. We are committed to producing clear, clever and compelling video for the web, television and all media streams present and future.

So Carpe VM was being asked a question. What does it take to produce a professional, clear and powerful web-based commercial? The answer came back in ways that can be said of marketing since its earliest days.

Know The Clients Market: Our team does its homework when it comes to understanding what your customers and prospects need communicated to them. We learn your market and produce your video message to reach them powerfully.

Know The Message: Carpe VM is best when it is invisible. Your product or service is the star and we are about making it move and talk in its best light. Video communicates your call to action more personally than any other media because if a picture is worth a thousand words video is at 30 frames a second.

Know The Technology: The hardware and software are evolving at an extraordinary pace. Some technology is “hot” but we think “cool” often strikes a better balance. As professionals we are committed to staying in front of the curve skill-wise while staying within the budget in practice. It is Carpe VM’s policy to take on regular training and ever expand our knowledge base. This translates to a professional and economical video marketing product.

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